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We provide a complete French Travel service, not only cottages to rent. Profit by our 22 years of experience and our local knowledge.

There's just so much out there! It is overwhelming!
How often do we hear this. But there's a simple answer...
***Plan your whole Itinerary with French Cottages***

As people start to look at all the potential places to visit they quickly become overwhelmed with an overabundance of information, gushing from the galaxy of websites out there,.
Before long it turns into a serious case of information overload. Then it gets even messier. Which tours, trips, places, etc to book first? Which to leave till later?  Which are really worth seeing? Which could be left out? We can give you exactly the information you need and no other. Talk to us!

Many of these people, like Lesley and Neville, then experience the revelation: that they could actually create a wonderfully diverse and memorable French itinerary by simply going from one of our cottages in one hub to the one in the next hub village. So simple! If you look at where our hub villages are located on the map opposite, you will see that as bases for exploration, they actually cover a large portion of France. Yet they are still within a pleasant and interesting day’s drive or train ride from each other so you can move from one to the next on changeover day. There are some huge advantages in doing this.

Discover the Real France with French Cottages

Discover the Real France
with French Cottages Holidays

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Itinerary You’ll Ever Experience.


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