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Australian owned Boutique Holiday Homes, Luxury Villas,
Apartments and Cottages to Rent in France located in the historic hearts
of the four  very best HUB villages in country France.
But that's not all!
You will also enjoy Expert French Travel Guidance
**You get so much more than just rental accommodation in France
with French Cottages**
(quote from guest)
Come and explore the Real France by staying in beautiful French Cottages
forming an exclusive network covering the exceptional regions of
Provence, Dordogne, Loire Valley and the Basque Pyrenees.


Create your entire personalised itinerary using our services and
experience the REAL France that you love by basing yourselves
for a week or more at a time in our wonderful HUB villages
and then explore the Romantically beautiful...realise your dream!
(An itinerary with us typically consists of several weeks in total)

Hub-based exploration is so much more relaxing than moving
on (packing and unpacking) every few days.
Stays with us generally are in multiples of one week
starting on a Friday so you can enjoy the  local Saturday markets.

Our guests say their stays with us were the best
French holidays they have ever had.

Much better than those expensive river and sea cruises!

We're real people who respond personally and promptly.
And they are situated in just four hub villages
in France that we chose very, very carefully for their
exceptional  intrinsic qualities and their locations for exploration.

READ and EXPLORE every part of this website.

Every minute you spend here will save you twenty minutes
on any other French Travel website.
Use it to plan your trip and you'll save much time and stress
in the long run - we promise!

Based in Melbourne, Australia: Established 25 years.
WINNERS OF THE TOPI best principles award 2019 for
protecting the original qualities of living French Villages

Bonjour et Bienvenue to
Your Home in France

An exclusive boutique network of very high quality French Holiday Homes: Cottages, Gîtes, Apartments and Villas
for your holiday in France combined with expert guidance from us to help you plan your trip.
Much more than accommodation in France, our unique hub-based approach to French Travel has no equal.

A uniquely different French Experience!

With 25 years of devotion to, passion for, and experience in France, we can show you the way to discovering
an exceptionally beautiful and memorable cultural and travel experience that no commercial tour  or cruise can achieve.
You will enjoy a much deeper, more diverse and authentic travel experience with us
than you will with those regimented bus tours and superficial river cruises.

The proprietors of French Cottages are David Hitchins and Bryan Stark, based in Melbourne, Australia

Who are we and just how are we unique?

We are the two Australian owners and managers of 8 holiday cottages in four distinctive regions in France - David Hitchins, based in Melbourne, Australia and Bryan Stark, based mostly in France - and have been developing our special approach to French Travel for over 25 years.

We are totally unlike those booking platform sites that you see everywhere these days on the internet - automated sites that peddle the properties of others for a commission, with absolutely no concern about where these properties are or
what they really have to offer you.
They just want to make money.
They do not love France as we - and you - do!
(view this video by Dick Smith about the effect those sites are having)

Contact us and we will be glad to help you in any way.

The proprietors of French Cottages are David Hitchins and Bryan Stark, based in Melbourne, Australia

Can you can plan your whole
'Tour de France' with us?

Mais oui!
We can help you plan your ENTIRE French or EUROPEAN itinerary if you wish, drawing upon our wide knowledge of all parts of France and Europe generally.
You only have to mention this when you contact us. It's a free service!
For quick answers or regarding availability of our cottages, contact us here.

Dordogne Villa Views
Not just any old village.

No matter how pretty.
It must be just the right village with just the right type of centrally - based accommodation and thoroughly French: a five star village.
And you must be living right 'inside the walls' (not on the outskirts) of a village with that 'something extra'.

Loire Valley Medieval Festival
Sorry, no amount of searching the web will make you any wiser. 

This necessary"extra" quality cannot be judged by perusing the internet; you need to have stayed and lived there to know, just as being in the real Paris is so much better than viewing any photograph of it.
It's a fine difference but ... vive la différence!
It is why we travel after all.

Guests Enjoying L'Olivier Villa Garden
Except on this site because you can...

See and hear live video interviews with our guests direct from the villages - direct from the cottages.
See why they all say it was just so exceptional and how they still dream about their experiences years later, and come back for more!
Moving and inspiring to watch and listen to: don't miss out. CLICK OR TAP HERE TO VIEW

Hand written testimonials from our cottages

To anyone considering booking with French Cottages, I say, "What are you waiting for?" Contact them for the best tips, suggestions and service. We will certainly use this company again. Thanks so much! 

Testimonials French Cottages
Testimonials French Cottages
The proprietors of French Cottages are David Hitchins and Bryan Stark, based in Melbourne, Australia

A beautiful, stunning production.

Order our 120-page printed French Travel Guide which puts all those other travel magazines out there to shame!

We believe that it is the only printed production of its type in the world.

Whether you're a first time visitor or a seasoned French travel expert, we're sure you'll find the answers and insights to nearly all your French Travel and Accommodation questions in this amazingly informative guide.

Our travel and holiday accommodation suggestions will make your
already exciting holiday in France even more memorable!

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