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The Valley of the Kings; the Garden of France; the Land of the Great Châteaux. Here is a region chosen by Royalty, where the wine flows and history greets you at every turn. It is also stunningly beautiful, abounding in landscapes both wild and meticulously man-made. A must see!

The Lion in Winter

Remember the old film with Peter O'Toole and Katherine Hepburn?
That was the story of King Henry II, Eleanor of Aquitaine and Richard the Lionheart.
Much of it was set in our village, and in fact they are buried just a short distance away at Fontevraud Abbey.

Take a short FLIGHT over our Loire Village for stunning views of the rooftops, the beautiful river and the Plantagenet fortress.

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A Rich and Important History

With origins going back to Roman times when it was a Castrum (Gallo-Roman fortress), our Loire town became an English possession in the 11th century. It was the favoured home of Henri II Plantagenet, who was the King of England in 1154 - 1189, and his famous wife Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Tomb of Eleanor of Aquitaine at the nearby Fontevraud Abbey

Eleanor of Aquitaine was buried alongside her husband Henry II of England at Fontevraud Abbey, just nearby.

This celebrated pair were the subject of many films and plays, the most famous being "The Lion in Winter" with Katherine Hepburn and Peter O'Toole made in 1968.

The picture shows the Tomb of Eleanor of Aquitaine at the nearby Fontevraud Abbey.
Apparently she was an avid reader and it appears that this passion for literature was not quelled by something so prosaic as her death.

 "The Lion in Winter" with Katherine Hepburn and Peter O'Toole

It was Henry who commissioned the basis of the present day château.
Thereafter followed a prosperous development and fine medieval houses with beautiful decorative features were built – many surviving today, particularly along the Rue Voltaire. With so many corners to explore, from the heights of the château, to the vineyards with little restaurants hidden away to the peaceful banks of the beautiful Vienne river, abundant with fish and wild birds, you’ll be hard pressed to find the time to fit in the celebrated castles and other historic attractions all so temptingly close!

Azay-le-Rideau is well worth visiting

The Loire is celebrated for its great châteaux, but there is a great range and variety of other interesting buildings to see: mills, slate-roofed cottages, grand abbeys and monasteries, the peculiar troglodytic dwellings, frequently still occupied and the characteristic half-timbered houses that defy gravity with their expanding upper storeys. The “Maison Rouge” is a very fine example of this genre.

La Maison Rouge is a typical half-timbered house in Chinon

There is a wealth of historic buildings to explore in the town including the Hotel Gargantua with its magnificent tourelle (turret), the 15th Century Hotel du Grenier à Sel, just opposite our smaller cottage and the Chapel of St Radegonde embellished by a beautiful 13th century Romanesque fresco.
You’ll discover new corners every time you go out for a stroll!

Tower of the Ancient Plantagent Fortress in Chinon

Landscape and Scenery
Apart from the beauty of its buildings, from opulent to rustic, the Loire is a region of both natural and cultivated beauty. Picturesque streams, fields and forests, and formal gardens make up a varied landscape that has something to offer at every turn in the road. Armed with a picnic lunch (“pique-nique”) and a bottle of Chinon red, you can lunch by the Vienne, the Loire or one of the many other charming locations after your visit to a stately home just around the corner.

Medieval Festival held every Summer

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Savouring the Touraine cuisine: restaurants.
Exquisite river fish, hazel grouse in truffle sauce, rillettes, fine cheeses of an unimaginable variety accompanied by one or two of the many fine wines produced in Touraine – reds, whites or rosé - and topped off with a slice of Tarte Tatin swimming in crême fraîche is just one example of a truly kingly repast that, alas, won’t be kind to your figure. But this is the region of a highly delicate and sophisticated cuisine : whether you cook at home or visit some of the many little local restaurants, you’ll be pleased to take a holiday from your customary sensible diet.

Champignons de Paris

The combination of climate and rich soil enables the production of some of France’s best fruit and vegetables and it is here that the true champignons hail from, called erroneously, "Champignons de Paris"
Don’t forget to order some “Poires tapées” (overripe pears) a specialty of this region to top off your Pantagruelian debauch.
You’ll make Rabelais dance in his grave!

Loire Valley Video Interviews

Hear what our guests say ... see them saying it - in situ!
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"It's our first time here.
And actually it's our first in France outside of Paris
and I'd have to say we are extremely happy..."

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Take a stroll in our Loire Valley Village

This video was taken towards the end of August 2018.
Enjoy a the diverse scenes in this exceptional little town including a walk up to the Plantagenet château without getting out of breath!

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Loire Valley Hub Destinations

There are many destinations that are well worth visiting within an easy day return trip from our Loire Valley hub village.
For each destination we indicate approximately how much time to allow for your visit.


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