Dick Smith's Video Rave against the booking platforms

Dick Smith's Video Rave against the booking platforms
The following video was put up recently by Dick Smith, the Australian electronics entrepreneur famous for his once huge chain of electronics stores
throughout the country.
He recently became aware of something we’ve known about for several years: the tremendous amount of damage being done to hotels and small professional holiday rental businesses, not to mention their local communities (our villages in France for example), by the huge multinational booking engine sites (AirBNB, Trivago, Booking.com and the rest of that gang) who are now dictating to the entire industry. In the video he expresses - with searing passion and admirable anger - what these booking platforms are doing to niche businesses and their localities, as well as how much money they are slyly siphoning from the local economy, mostly tax free, it is claimed. Moreover, a recent court case upheld the verdict that you actually won't get your accommodation cheaper this way.
Watch this video please! And pass it onto everybody you know. It’s scandalous what is happening, and we all need to do something about it.
And we can too, quite easily as he explains here so simply. 

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